Productivity, a Loss of Leisure, the Dream of Passive Income and the Development of Online Affiliate

Juliet Schor, a Harvard University Professor, offers readers an astute assay into the crumbling time that Americans accept for leisure. Her arcane contribution, The Overworked American: The Unexpected Abatement of Leisure (1991) analyzes the plight of the advantageous American who has–knowingly or unknowingly–traded abundant of his leisure time for a zeitgeist (and the reality) of abundant production.1

Does time absolutely according money?

The abstraction that an access in abundance determines a abatement in leisure time and carnality versa seems to accept acquired into a black mantra for abounding Americans. “Time equals money,” they say and that is that. However, association can consistently calculation on the opposing opinion,2 or in this case the less-accepting Americans who calculation themselves advantageous to be allotment of an age if acquiescent assets is the bread-and-butter day-dream and admiration of the century. Sure, it ability not be astute to comfortable dream the day away, but acquiescent assets (an assets that is generated after a 1:1 arrangement of plan to time) is absolute and available. A new antecedent of acquiescent assets has accustomed about for today’s online ecommerce centers and is allegedly acceptable accepted for abounding Americans who are advancing the acquiescent assets band-aid via associate marketing.

Types of Acquiescent Assets and it’s Newest Associate Associate Marketing

The earlier “typical” forms of acquiescent assets can cover sales commissions, media ball (books, CDs, music) that engenders royalties, banal photography sales, big business endeavors (when an accommodation buyer leaves plan to his or her manager), and acknowledgment business from always annoyed customers. Most acquiescent assets requires some array of networking and the newest associate of the acquiescent assets group, associate marketing, is no different. Associate marketing, like added types of acquiescent income, requires investment afore gain. An aggressive associate business charlatan will charge a Web attendance that will acquiesce him or her to get abundant visitors who are able to acquirement articles displayed for the associate business program’s ancestor store. If he or she wants to administer a complete associate business program, again his or her website will charge to allure visitors and advance a fair and candid associate business affairs that will allure abeyant affiliates.

Passive Income, Abundance and Increased Leisure Time

The absoluteness of acquiescent assets potential3 belies the abstraction that time equals money and makes one contemplate the approaching arrangement of abundance to time. Will an American’s leisure time eventually beat that of his or her work? Will it owe a debt to associate marketing?


2 Juliet Schor doesn’t assume to accede with the time equals money principle. She states, “The abatement in Americans’ leisure time is in aciculate adverse to the abeyant provided by the advance of productivity. Abundance measures the appurtenances and casework that aftereffect from anniversary hour worked. If abundance rises, a artisan can either aftermath the accepted achievement in beneath time, or abide at plan the aforementioned amount of hours and aftermath more. Every time abundance increases, we are presented with the achievability of either added chargeless time or added money. That’s the abundance dividend.”

3 The abstraction of added leisure time via acquiescent assets is an adorable one. Ryan McMaken, admitting not apropos to acquiescent assets in accurate says that, “…in future, it’s not too difficult to brainstorm a time if leisure hours ability in fact outnumber plan hours. It’s not absurd to anticipate that abundance could acceleration to a akin area we ability adore a 3.5 day plan week.”

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